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Here are some of the best resources that TAC recommends to you. This is not an online bookstore but a collection of our favorite resources that we have utilized and recommend as we care for souls in a biblical way.

Understanding Temptation

Understanding Temptation: The War Within Your Heart

Mark Shaw

Dr. Shaw discusses Mark 4 and Luke 4 in light of the Genesis temptations that Adam and Eve faced. He explains how Jesus was tempted in the same three basic ways in which we are tempted:

To do what we want (Lust of the Flesh)

To have what we want (Lust of the Eyes)

To be who we want (Pride of Life)

The Heart of Addiction

The Heart of Addiciton

Mark Shaw (book, workbook, and Leader’s Guide are available)

Some have said that this book is about more than just addiction. It’s about the Christian walk with Christ.

The Heart of Addiction contains 26 chapters of bible-saturated teaching that is structured along the format of 2 Timothy 3:16-17 – Teaching, Reproof, Correction, and Disciplined Training in Righteousness.

Some churches are utilizing each chapter in weekly teachings, assigning a chapter per week. Others are using it in bite sized sessions in the context of one-on-one disciple-making, which is Mark’s strong recommendation. The Heart of Addiction is being increasingly used by chaplains, pastors, volunteer lay persons, and even inmates who are called to lead and disciple other prisoners while serving their time in prison. The fact that “the hope of the Gospel for the heart of addiction” is being preached behind prison walls, where God is transforming one life at a time, is a reason for great rejoicing.


Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies

Mark Shaw

Relapse is a workbook style assignment text that can be given to anyone who has struggled with returning to addictive sin choices. For various reasons, some biblical counselors have decided to start out the discipleship of addicts with this workbook instead of the Heart of Addiction text and workbook. First, it’s much shorter and more  concise. Secondly, it specifically teaches some of the mentalities that often lure, or draw, a person back into sin that he or she has already repented of in the past. People find it to be a very helpful place to start.

Addiction Proof Parenting

Addiction-Proof Parenting: Biblical Prevention Strategies

Mark Shaw

Addiction Proof Parenting, endorsed by Dr. Ted Tripp (author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart) and many others, is a powerfully practical and scripture-saturated book that will help parents direct their child’s focus from self to Christ. No one can predict if a child will grow up to be an “Addict” of some kind. No one has discovered an “addiction gene” and there is no compelling evidence linking addiction to a brain disease or disorder. A child becomes addicted by personal choices and is 100% responsible for the choices to abuse an addictive substance. However, parenting skills (or lack thereof) have a direct impact upon your children.

Find out how Addiction-Proof Parenting hinges upon changing your child’s thinking to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention: Hope and Help for Families of Addicts

Mark Shaw

Lots of positive reviews on this short book from the families of those struggling with an addiction. You can read one such review here by Pastor Dave. Dr. Shaw has blogged about this resource extensively in a 2 part post on the BCC website here, and discusses the sample intervention letter.

Cross Talking

Cross Talking: A Daily Gospel for Transforming Addict

Mark Shaw

CrossTalking is a 45-day devotional that is often being gifted to participants in residential programs around the country. Some program directors opt to delay providing this resource until faithfulness in the program has been demonstrated, while others simply provide “program copies” in every room. Very bite-size daily snippets of

Mark’s teachings are found in these pages and stories are sprinkled in as well. At 45 days, readers can repeat it twice in the typical 90-day program format. We’ve received feedback that the daily reinforcement and encouragement in this little devotional can be life-changing, and for that we rejoice and give God all the glory. It is His Holy Spirit’s power and the truth of the Word of God that truly transforms lives.

Hope and Help for Addiction Series

Hope and Help Book Series

Mark Shaw

  • Hope and Help for Gambling
  • Hope and Help for Self-Injurers and “Cutters”
  • Hope and Help for Sexual Tempation
  • Hope and Help for TV, Video Game, and Internet “Addiction”

Pursuit of Perfection

Pursuit of Perfection: A Biblical Perspective

Mark Shaw & Bill Hines

How Not to Raise an Addict

How NOT to Raise an Addict

Mark Shaw

Don’t let the title mislead you; Dr. Shaw is not giving you a formula for parenting. This booklet is excerpted from the larger work Addiction Proof Parenting and outlines the 5 mentalities that parents (unknowingly sometimes) instill in their children. Mark extensively writes about why he wrote this booklet on the BCC website here. In that post he explains “Obviously, parents are not in control of their children’s hearts or their children’s decisions to follow Christ, but they can learn parenting skills that instill a humble, Christ-like mindset rather than an addicted one.” -Dr. Mark Shaw, BCC blog 9/15/2017


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